Flood Detection and Avoidance Using a Wireless Arduino Based Network

Status: Completed

Funded By:

NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Fellowship
Marshall University: Creative Discovery and Research Award

Overview: Flash flooding is a very sudden, destructive natural disaster. Per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in the United States the national 30-year average for flood deaths is 127 a year. This research is to make a cheap and effective wireless network of sensors based around the Arduino device to detect and provide real-time data about a particular steam or area. This will provide the potential to save lives and property by offering advanced warning to those in the affected area.

My Part: I have helped work on the hardware and code for the devices, however my primary focus for the project is data transmission, database design, and web app development. I have designed the way in which the data is stripped at the base station and inserted to the database. Now, I am currently working on developing the web application for both desktop and mobile use, using a responsive design to work on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Web Development

Soil Tunnel Trailer Website

Status: Completed | GitHub

"The Soil Tunnel Trailer" site is a website for the WV Capitol Conservation District. I was approached by the coordinator through their son who was on my highschool robotics team. This website is used as a means for schools and the community to know where "The Soil Tunnel Trailer" will be and to get ahold of the coordinator to schedule a visit.

Marshall University Geeks and Gadgets Website

Status: Completed | Live Link GitHub

I started working on this site as a side project to help my friend Patrick, who is the president of the Geeks and Gadgets club at Marshall. He did not have time to maintain it or redo it. So, I took the task, and because of my work on this site I have taken a larger role in the group. I am now the Vice President and web developer for the group.

Putnam Area Robotics Team Website

Status: Maintenance | Live Link GitHub

This is my first ever website! I developed it for my highschool robotics team, it started because I was tired of using "drag-n-drop" sites. I consider it my playground in the web development world, as I had no prior knowledge when writing it.


Pure CSS Slider

Status: Maintenance | Info/Demo GitLab

While working on "The Soil Tunnel Trailer" website I noticed that the CSS Slider I used on my team's website was not licensed for commercial use. Thus, my decision to code my own. This slider can be viewed by clicking the link above, or on both the robotics team's and "Soil Tunnel Trailer" sites. The code is free to use and modify!

HTML Compiler

Status: Development | GitHub

A simple GUI interface coded in Java using the JavaFX library to aid in the update of Navigation and Footer elements on websites. It can be quite tedious to update a Nav or Footer on each page of a static website, so this tool can be used per its documentation on GitHub to update every HTML file.

School Projects

"WAF" Weather Android Forecast

Status: Completed | GitHub

A weather app developed as a group project for my CS 481 - Android App Development class.

"Wahjudi Chess"

Status: Completed | GitHub

A play on suicide chess where the object of the game is to be the first loser, thus making you the winner! This variant of suicide chess is played on a smaller board and has a computer AI to play against. This game was developed as a group project for my CS 210 - Data Structures and Algorithms class.

"Maze Solver"

Status: Completed | GitHub

A GUI application developed to solve 3D mazes with portals, stairs, and the possibility for no, many, or unreachable exits! Sounds confusing? Well it is! However, you can load up any of the pre-included text files in the repo and watch the algorithm solve it using depth first was my first time coming up with an algorithm to solve a problem, I was only a sophomore at the time! Anyway, this was the first project for my CS 210 - Data Structures and Algorithms class.