A Little About Me

I have lived my whole life in West Virginia. In such a small, outdoorsy state, it is a wonder that I choose technology as my passion. I consider myself a big tech enthusiast, all starting when I got my first iPod in the sixth grade. My love of technology exploded when I went to high school. Where I joined the robotics team. I was their web designer and then head programmer. The team is what jump started my love of technology. Once I was introduced to the world of programming, I knew that is what I wanted to do, thus my decision to enroll as a Computer Science major at Marshall.

What I Do

I'm currently in my junior year, majoring in Computer Science. When I'm not in school, you can find me doing a variety of things. I work part time, volunteer my free time as a programming mentor for my high school robotics team, or working on a varety of technical skills. I often find myself acting as tech support for people I know, working on my own technical projects, or learning more about web development. I currently run the robotics team's website, the Geeks and Gadgets website, and working on constructing the WV Soil Trailer website.

How I Started Web Development

I started learning as more of a side project for my robotics team. We were in desperate need of a new website, and I was tired of doing drag and drop services. So, I sat down on codecademy.com for a couple of days and tried to learn as much as I could. After I finished the course I just dove straight in. There were a lot of bumps along the way but, most of what I did was trial and error. Though it took a while, I am beyond proud where the site is today compared to where it started.

What am I Up to Now?

I still keep up with the team site, but looking for more projects. A parent on the team is needing a website for one of their projects "The Soil Trailer," and has just hired me to do that, so look forward to seeing that on my work page.